Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sulphomor™ Sulphur Mortar

Hot melt type acid-proof cement oppose oxidizing and non-oxidizing chemicals up to certain limits. Best jointing cement for acid proof Brick /
Tile lining work in battery charging rooms & electro plating plants. It resists Temperature up to 90 °C. The melt mortar is tremendously fluid and pours quite easily.

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Sulphur Cement is used in Industries mainly jointing of Acid Proof Brick / Tiles in lining of Pickling Tanks, Storage tanks, Sumps, Drainage Line, Floor and Sewerage line pipe joints.Acid Proof Materials, Acid Proof Materials Manufacturer, Acid Proof Materials India,Manufacturer, Supplier Exporter India.

Preparation of Mortar:
Sulphur ingots are broken and are placed in a suitable clean, dry Kettle. It is melted over low heat by stirring with metal rod or ladle. If sulphur is agitated or ignited a tight cover or wet gunny bags shall be kept ready for use in case of fire. Sulphur mortar burns with a low blue flame. In such a case heating should be stopped and the vessel should be enclosed with the lid or wet gunny bags until the fire are extinguished.

If the mortar thickens on overheating, it should be allowed to cool and stirred until thin. Care shall be taken that water or damp Mortar does not fall or mixed in the heating vessel so as to avoid foaming.

Mechanical/Physical property:

Density of cured mortar                 :  2.10grm/cc to 2.20grm/cc
Bond Strength                              :  10 Kg./Cm2
Compressive Strength                   280 Kg/Cm2
Flexural Strength                          70 Kg/Cm2
Water Absorption                         :  1%
Storage Life

12 Months at the temperature 270C (+20C)

  • Ingot - 50 Kg. Bag
  • Powder - 50Kg. Bag.   

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